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Fugu is a graphical client for the Gale instant messaging system. Its features include: multiple screens for different subscription lists; a detachable puff composer window; simple threading facilities for jumping to the next and previous puff in a thread; searching for the next puff by this author; clickable URLs; and thumbnail pictures depicting puff senders.

Fugu is written in Python/Tk. It requires Python 2.1, Tcl/Tk 8.0, the OpenSSL library, and Python MegaWidgets. It's known to work on Linux and Windows 98/2000. The Windows version is maintained by Peter Haight.

The current stable version is 1.2.3.

Fugu is a standalone Gale client and doesn't depend on an installation of Dan Egnor's Gale distribution. It's built on top of PyGale, a reimplementation of the client side Gale protocol in Python, which implements the vast majority of the features available in the stock Gale libraries. Documentation on PyGale can be found in the PyGale source distribution.

Related Gale clients

vtFugu is a curses-based implementation of Fugu.

Toxin is a lightweight interface which pops up a new window on every puff, similar to Zephyr or ICQ. Toxin is the concentrated essence of Fugu.


Version 1.2.3 (6/17/2003):

Changes in 1.2.2:

Changes in 1.2:

Changes in 1.1.8:

Changes in 1.1.6:

Changes in 1.1.3:

Changes in 1.1.2:

Changes in 1.1.0:

Changes in 1.0:

Changes in 0.9.9e:

Changes in 0.9.9d:

Changes in 0.9.9c:

Changes in 0.9.9b:

Changes in 0.9.9a (not released):

Changes in 0.9.9:

Changes in 0.9.8b:

Changes in 0.9.8a:

Changes in 0.9.8:

Changes in 0.9.7i:

Changes in 0.9.7h:

Changes in 0.9.7g:

Changes in 0.9.7f:

Changes in 0.9.7e:

Changes in 0.9.7d:

Changes in 0.9.7c:

Changes in 0.9.7a and 0.9.7b:

Changes in 0.9.7:

Changes in 0.9.6:

Changes in 0.9.5a:

Changes in 0.9.5:

Changes in 0.9.4:

Changes in 0.9.3:

Changes in 0.9.2:

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