Fugu screenshots

The main window shows the basic Fugu layout. Along the top of the window are a number of buttons for switching between virtual "subscription screens". Each screen subscribes to a different set of Gale categories. By default, Fugu starts you off with a public screen (subscribed to the "pub" category, for public puffs), a private screen (for puffs addressed directly to you), and a watch screen (for watching the login/logout activity of the people in your domain). These default subscriptions can be changed in the Screens/Configure menu. You can also specify a number of options for each screen, such as beeping when a new puff arrives in that screen, highlighting the button, or de-iconifying the Fugu window.

URLs are underlined and in blue; you can click on them to load them in netscape.

The puff composition area occupies the bottom of the window. Type a location into the Location: field, and TAB to the text box to enter the text of the puff. Control-enter sends the puff.

As you can see, puffs can be detached to their own windows, in order to compose multiple puffs simultaneously or view a received puff in its own window.

This screenshot also shows the sender color customization feature. By editing a config file in your ~/.gale directory, you can choose the foreground color that names show up in, based on a regular expression match on their Gale id. For instance, I have puffs signed by "egnor@" show up in blue.

Left-clicking on a puff highlights that puff as the current puff. When a puff is selected, you can "reply" to the puff with a Control-r. This puts the puff's category into the "Public category" field, and positions your cursor in the text entry field so you can start typing immediately. The Puff menu contains other functions that operate on the current puff, such as searching for the next puff in the thread (by category), or the next puff by this author.

Right-clicking on a puff will first highlight it and then pop up a context menu with puff operations in it. In addition to the puff operations described above, you can also copy a citation for this puff to the clipboard (you can later paste this citation into the puff composition box, in order to refer to this puff), unsubscribe to this category (this puff's category, prefixed with a '-', is added to this screen's subscription), or detach the puff into its own window.

Fugu will run on Windows as well as Unix. This screenshot is from an early development version.
tlau-fugu at ofb.net